wild geese
At AllSparkFireworks.com, we’d never send you on a wild goose chase to find your fireworks. We have personally hunted down everything you need to create a great pyrotechnic experience at home.  Stop driving endlessly up and down the highway, looking for a roadside vendor or waiting impatiently for that super-mega-warehouse to open its doors two weeks a year.  Just boot up your computer, order straight from our website EVERY day of the year, and ANY hour of the day and will get your purchases shipped out faster that you can load and lock – plus, your new fireworks are delivered straight to your door!
Mentioning wild goose chases reminds us of, well, wild geese! These birds are prolific all over North America, even though the overwhelmingly most common variety is the Canadian wild goose. Wildlife experts are noting that while, traditionally, these geese have migrated to warmer climates in the winter months – many are taking up permanent residence in parks and preserves in lieu of their annual vacation. However, if you do get the chance to see these geese heading to warmer parts, you’ll notice that they form spectacular aerodynamic V-formations. And, when they fly in lower to the ground, you’ll hear the distinctive goose call – honk,honk!
We have a great firework to celebrate the goose; it’s our Wild Geese Rocket.  High-flying fun, this firework takes off into the sky and breaks out into a display of floating white pearls. Stock up for the season, these are very well-priced!