It’s going to be a fun firework season in Kentucky this year! Until recently, residents weren’t allowed to shoot off any type of firework that exploded or shot into the air – this pretty much excludes most of the good stuff. However, in March 2011, the Kentucky senate passed a pro-firework house bill (HB 333) with a resounding 30-4 vote and Governor Steve Beshear signed it into law. Now, it is completely legal to sell higher powered fireworks in Kentucky than the “class E” previously permitted.
Before this new law, it wasn’t an uncommon practice for folks in counties near the Indiana border to cross over to purchase fireworks to smuggle back. In fact, this happens all over the country where non-selling states border firework friendly states. Another option for enthusiasts living in non-firework selling states is to buy pyrotechnic items from an online shop such as All Sparks Fireworks.
State and county officials feel that the legalization of more categories of fireworks will help both government and businesses. Local jurisdictions will pull in more money through taxes and local businesses will benefit from either directly selling fireworks or selling other services for those buying fireworks nearby. However, fire departments expect that the new law in Kentucky will create an increase in their responses and cause them to add additional hours on fire prevention programming. However, there are some safety precautions written into the legislation including a 16 year age minimum for the purchaser and restriction of shooting off fireworks within 200 feet of any residence.