Got snow? We bet you do, considering the Arctic blast that has been sweeping across North America recently. If you’re feeling cooped up with cabin fever, we’ve got a great snow day activity for you – building a snowman decked out with firework accessories. At the end of your experiment, your white snow may not be as pristine as it was at the start – but the mess is well worth it! Just remember to pick up your expended firework trash.
So, check out this video for a general how-to on how to build a firework snowman. They used a bee launch pad firework for the hat, a small fountain for the nose and strobes for the eyes and buttons. The arms are made from two Roman candles and, the best part (in my opinion) a long red scarf made from a 500-roll of firecrackers (you can also use two 250-count firecracker rolls)!