Wow, this sounds like a wholesome family activity – a Family Table Bomb! Apparently in some parts of the world, table bombs are a popular activity at birthdays, weddings and other celebrations. Now calm down, before you call in the hazardous material crew to stand by, we have to tell you that the name of these firework items is much more impressive that their actual performance – although table bombs are still a blast.  So by now, you’re probably burning to know just “exactly” what a darn table bomb.
Basically, a table bomb is like a big party popper that sits firmly on a counter, floor, table or other flat surface and, when the fuse is lit, uses a tiny bit of pyrotechnic compounds to blast the top off and shoot out confetti, glitter, balloons, expandables and other festive items. Other names for these celebratory fireworks are confetti cannons, party bombs and table torpedoes. Along with many types of fireworks including sparklers and party poppers, these colorful and loud fireworks are sure to set a festive mood at any party.
When following proper safety procedures, table bombs are safe for indoor use. You always want to set the firework on a flat, stable surface and ensure that the top is pointing straight upward. Advise your audience to keep a safe distance from the table torpedo, while they don’t have a huge explosion force, a small piece of debris could get in an eye. While table bombs can be hard to track down in the US on the consumer market, you can find a huge array of other novelty fireworks, some even safe for indoors, at AllSpark Fireworks.