Pyrotechnic fuse is essential for people who use fireworks frequently, both hobbyists and professionals.  By utilizing different types of fusing, any pyrotechnician can improve the quality and intricacy of their firework display planning. While experienced pyrotechnicians know how to make fusing at home, it is quick, safe and relatively inexpensive to purchase the fuse of your choice online or in a local firework shop. Pyrotechnic fuse is available in a variety of lengths, burn times and other features that have a direct correlation on the outcome of your display.
As far as firework fuse goes, Black Match is a leading choice with professional pyrotechnicians. Black Match is made by soaking cotton string in a mixture of dextrin and black powder. Said to have a “moderate” burn time, approximately 1-second per inch, Black Match is a good choice when you want to create a small delay between fireworks. Black Match is economical enough to buy a large supply to keep on hand, but can accidentally be ignited if not being mindful of safety issues. So before loading up, decide how much you’ll need for your event and the quality of your storage conditions.
A lot like Black Match, but faster to burn, Quick Match is a pyrotechnic fuse that is also widely used in the industry. It is made in a similar fashion to Black Match; the only differences is that the last step wraps it in Kraft paper to create a more flammable tube that forces gases forward faster for a quicker burn time. Quick Match is a good pick for simultaneous lighting of multiple fireworks because it burns at approximately 80 to 100 feet per second – so fast that there will be absolutely no lag time in between your firework effects. Please visit AllSparkFireworks.com to purchase all the fuse and supplies you need for your next event!