Oh, people are so dumb! We can’t help but laugh at this crazy firework montage, it’s a spectacle of stupidity and hard to believe they want to announce it to the world on a viral video. But, be that as it may, there are some good firework lessons to be learned from some of the idiotic actions of the folks in this montage of firework explosions.  Take them to heart, learn from their mistakes and don’t let it happen to you!
1)      Don’t point fireworks at humans, animals or property that you value.  Duh.
2)      Launch fireworks from specifically designated mortar tubes, racks and such. A crotch or butt crack does not make a firework holder that you’ll be happy with later.
3)      Never shoot fireworks inside or in an enclosed area, even novelties, spinners and sparklers. Using fireworks, no matter how tame seeming, is literally like playing with fire, very stupid to do inside – just ask my husband who left tiny burned pock marks inside on the linoleum when he lit off sparklers indoors.
4)      Don’t modify your fireworks in anyway, this could damage the components and create a misfire, perhaps taking off a finger or two.