The Da Nang International Fireworks Competition is set to light up the night sky on April 29 and April 30, 2012 – the theme is ‘Colorful Da Nang.’ One of the teams ‘in it to win it’ is the Vietnamese home team. Team captain, Bui Chi Duc, reports that well over 5,000 individual fireworks have been picked for the 23-minute show at the annual competition, which runs from April 29 to 30.
The Vietnamese team is working on a computer simulation of the team’s planned fireworks show, which will light up the sky above the Han River. This helps the pyrotechnic artists match the right firework to the show’s musical score – using light and color in a creative way is the end goal. The music planned for this year’s team show is a compilation of Vietnamese ballads written by some of the country’s most famous composers.
Duc says, “This year will be a tough competition for us because all four rivals are former champions of previous competitions, including Canada, France, China and Italy.” Last year the team ranked third among the four competitors, but of course hopes to take home the title in 2012.
The event is a popular one; the city hosts approximately 400,000 tourists during the two-day competition. Spectators will watch the colorful show from a 16,000-seat stage set up along the shore of the Han River. If you can’t get to Vietnam this weekend, your own pyrotechnic display with great gear from All Spark Fireworks.