There was a big boating blast as three of Britan’s Cunard Line vessels met up for the first time in New York on January 13, 2011. This trio of ocean liners, the Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, struck a pose in the New York harbor near the Statue of Liberty for a crowd of spectators along the Hudson River shoreline. Of course, the fans were there to see these huge ships, but also to watch the spectacular firework show in their honor set over the backdrop of the city skyscrapers of Manhattan.
This fleet meet-up was a historic occasion for Cunard and New York in general. In the company’s early history during the 19th century, these vessels were postal ships that transported mail between New York City and Liverpool, England. On the special night that just passed, the ships were floodlit by the Cunard traditional red livery as aerial fireworks burst overhead illuminating the dark sky and creating a reflection of sparkles in the water.
The show lasted for nearly 20 minutes before the three boats went their own ways under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Each ship was carrying about 2,000 passengers each embarking on a leisure cruise. This was definitely a great night to catch a pyrotechnics show in New York City, as the popular New Year’s Eve shows have already come and gone and it’s still 5 and a half months until Fourth of July festivities.
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