Pyrotechnic professionals in the UK will be battling it out at the British Musical Fireworks Championships on September 28, 2012. The country’s top pyrotechnic teams will light up the skies over Southport with amazing firework displays synchronized to music. The event lasts over three days and the jaw-dropping shows, each lasting about 20 minutes per competitor, are open to the visitors with the purchase of an event ticket. Also for sale are photography passes that provide both professionals and amateurs access to a lakeside vantage point.
To date, seven British teams are slated for the competition. Entrants include G Force Fireworks, Saltire Fireworks, Komodo Fireworks, Highlight Pyrotechnics, Britannia Fireworks, Phenomenal Fireworks and Celebration Displays. For those that didn’t make the cut, pick up some fireworks at AllSpark Fireworks and get practicing!
In 2011, the winner of the British Musical Fireworks Championships was Pyrotex Fireworks . Check out the stunning video of their show below. And, if you’re in the UK, make sure to check out the shows! Cheers!