Like Mardi Gras, the Carnival season in Italy is a sensory explosion, often featuring firework displays rendering the audience speechless. One of the biggest celebrations is in Vaireggio, Italy, featuring giant, allegorical paper maché floats used in parades, masked balls, flower shows, and plenty of fireworks set off over the backdrop of the Tuscany coast. Taking place on weekends in February and the beginning of March, visitors can expect a total party atmosphere and sights unlike anything seen before.  The major firework display usually happens during the opening ceremony for the event, but there are also many other impromptu firework shows for visitors to enjoy.  Watch as silver, gold, red, green, blue and other colorful sparks explode into beautiful bursts in the night sky, it’s a sight not to be missed. If you are ever in Italy during the Carnival season, you’ll not want to miss the fun and festivities. To create your own Carnival at home, check out All Spark Fireworks for lots of powerful pyro options for your party!