Oh, those boy band members, making some old-fashioned mischief and then coming out looking like good guys in the end after saving the world’s favorite pop princess. Chatting over a steak dinner, Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan from the band “Big Time Rush” (actually a band on a fictional Nickelodeon show) spill all the beans about their impromptu firework hijinks and then rescuing singer Taylor Swift as the grand finale.
Spending their travel per diems on fireworks, these young guys let sparks fly at the swanky home of a Nashville music executive. With permission from the host, the band members and other guests of the party dug into the 1000 dollar or so arsenal of fireworks. People not familiar with the safety precautions of the firework rockets were apparently sticking them too far into the ground, causing misfires and errant trajectories. According to the boys, partiers where ducking, fireworks were flying all over the place, and it was total mayhem.
When Taylor Swift bobbed over to check out the situation, a firework rocket shot off wonky, heading straight for the beloved singer-songwriter. The “Big Time Rush” guys heroically jumped up and pushed her out of the way to prevent the songstress from bodily injury. Aww, what nice guys.  Afterword, the band said that they had to settle up a $1000 bill with the host’s neighbors who ended up with a burned lawn.