Fireworks are popular with everyone, even those oh-so-cool teenage heartthrobs. It’s no surprise that mega idol Justin Bieber recently set off sparks, but this time the sparks were not directed at the teeny-boppers at his concert. Instead, Bieber’s antics with fireworks were actually a ‘Punk’d’ prank on songstress Taylor Swift.  The practical joke, successfully executed, will be seen on the season premier of the series soon!
But, here’s how it all went down. Apparently, Beiber called Swift and asked her to come over to his beach house and help him write a song for his girlfriend and her BFF, Selena Gomez. Swift, of course, agreed to help and even invited the Beibs to make a surprise appearance at her concert that night at the Staples Center. What are friends for, right?
Somehow, songwriting turned to shooting off fireworks in the back yard – doesn’t it always?! Anyway, after one of the firework launched up into the air, a boat not too far off shore caught on fire, allegedly because of a wayward ember from one of Taylor’s firework (perhaps a Roman candle, we don’t know). The startled bride and groom on board had to literally jump ship and swim to safety.  Upon realizing that she ruined the couple’s big day, Swift started apologizing profusely over and over until Justin let her in on the fact that the pair were actors and it all was a little stunt! Punk’d!