fireworks on barge
So, what’s going on here? I spy a man on a barge near the water and lots of unexplained tubes.  Hmmmm, it could only mean one thing — a huge firework show is about to happen! If you’ve never seen a picture like this, you probably don’t know all the time and trouble that goes into putting on a huge firework display. Months can go into the planning of the event while it may take days to set up the whole thing. It’s a big deal to create a big blast!
You can see that the guy is holding a shell filled with pyrotechnic chemicals that will be placed into the mortar tubes and eventually skyrocketed into the air with they will explode at their apex. The various tubes hold a variety of fireworks that have been “choreographed” by a professional pyrotechnician not only on the way they look, but also on the report (sound), the maximum height and width of each element. To time the fireworks to shoot off in a planned succession, each mortar tube is connected by specific types of fuse, some burns faster than others. And, in order to keep rain and moisture out of the mortar tubes and possibly ruining the whole event, the tops of the tubes are covered with plastic.
While you probably shouldn’t try to do a backyard show of this magnitude (and probably aren’t allowed to by law without special permitting) you can create smaller-level displays with fireworks and fuse from