Resembling underwater sea plants and country garden flowers, the photography of David Johnson actually uses fireworks as the subject matter. The vivid and very creative pictures recently taken in August at the International Fireworks Show in Ottawa, Canada shines a whole new light on how to look at pyrotechnics exploding into the sky.
Primarily photographing the entries from the Spanish team at the annual competition, Johnson used tricks of the trade in order to create an image of fireworks much different than seen by the naked eye. Nearly all photographers at firework shows know that a long lens exposure is needed to capture and amplify the light exploding into the sky. Because the shutter is open for a greater length of time in long-exposure photography, images are blurred and obscured by design. The best time for taking long-exposure photography is at night, making fireworks a great subject choice. Johnson uses this standard long-exposure method, keeping the shutter open for just one or two seconds while also refocusing his lens at certain points of the firework detonation to create the look of the pointed stems.
You might be surprised to learn that David Johnson, the man behind these breath-taking photos, is an amateur photographer who has only been snapping shots for the last three years. Johnson says he also like taking experimental photography of other subjects including sports, animals, travel and nature. Wouldn’t you love to have some of these photos framed and hanging in your home – it would be like New Year’s Eve or Fourth of July every day!