Thousands of holiday party-goers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil celebrated the holiday season on the shores of Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. The crowd of thousands, all topped off in matching red Santa hats, gathered in December 2012 to watch a breathtaking firework show that happened alongside the lighting of the world’s largest floating Christmas tree. The six-minute pyrotechnic display was set off over the water and served as a high-energy chorus line of sparkles for the show-stopping centerpiece, a huge 278-foot tree decked out with 3.1 million colorful bulbs. As the show unfolded, the Christmas tree flickered and the bulbs changed colors to simulate the turning of the four seasons, from the bright sun of summer to the turning leaves of autumn.
Spectators reported that the combination tree-lighting and firework show were breathtaking and very emotional and the crowd was enthusiastically appreciative.  The event was sponsored by the largest insurance company in Brazil, Bradesco Seguro, and the centerpiece tree was officially certified as the biggest “on water” by officials at Guinness World Records. What a sight this must have been to see! For any of you getting ideas at home, AllSpark Fireworks has a few reminding words of warning. Do not shoot fireworks off around trees, the potential for starting a fire is great, especially with cut pine trees that will have dried out over the holiday months. Always shoot off your fireworks in cleared areas that are free of trees, brush, debris and building.