Fireworks on Easter, it’s not something that you see very often – if at all! But, check out this Easter Battle of the Churches video that features two rival churches in the town of Vrodandos, Greece. Apparently on Easter of each year, the churches celebrate with a battle of fireworks that happens while the religious services are being held!
Bizarre but too cool to advert your eyes from, this melee is a not-to-be missed event in the area. The battle is a long-cherished tradition and held with only good intentions between the two congregations. Several days before Easter the participants carefully board up the beautiful church windows and doors and wrap the entire church in wire sheeting to keep everything and everyone of harm’s way.
During the actual worship service on Easter, the two parish “gangs” fire off a huge barrage of fireworks at each other with the main goal of hitting the other church’s bell tower. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of flying fireworks, it looks like a battlefield.
Locals believe the tradition dates way back when resident sailors on the island used to battle with incoming pirates by running out to their boats and firing off the cannons. In 1889, when the Ottoman Empire controlled the area, they confiscated the cannons to stop any uprisings; the islanders turned to fireworks instead.
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