bottle rockets
Everyone loves the countdown until a bottle rocket blasts off! After a build-up of excitement, this popular firework shoots up into the sky and explodes with a display of colors, flashes of light, and attention-grabbing noise. These aerial-type fireworks are tried-and-true best-sellers at firework stands during the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve and other celebratory times of year. One thing that makes bottle rockets so popular (aside from how fun they are) is that they are not expensive; in fact, you can purchase enough bottle rockets to keep the fun going well into an hour without busting your budget.
Ever wonder what makes a bottle rocket work? It’s a pretty straightforward chain of events; as soon as the fuse is lit, the flames move quickly down into the rocket’s core and ignite the chemical compounds inside. The chemicals are typically a gunpowder mix created from potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. As the core begins to fill up with fire, the gunpowder is exposed, burned away and creates heated gases that expand and escape through the rocket’s nozzle.  Most bottle rockets have a 12-inch wooden rod attached to the actual firework part; this creates a desirable low center of balance and gives stability to the rocket during flight.
Bottle rockets are ready to bring fun to your next party. They come in a range of colors, reports (bangs) and flashes. Sometimes bottle rockets are designed with other special effects created with pyrotechnic compounds added to the gunpowder at the time of manufacture – this could include special colors, sounds, sparkles and so on. Order your bottle rockets from and get the fun started!