five dollars
Just because you’re pinching pennies doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little firework fun this summer season. For goodness sakes, how can you let the 4th of July come and go without shooting off at least a couple Roman candles and firecrackers?! Below we have listed our favorite firework finds that come in right around 5 dollars each – actually $4.99. So, you can splurge on the whole list of suggestions and still stay under $25 dollars total!
Can of Smoke : Watch out, we’re going to open a Can of Smoke on you! The name says it all, this firework novelty emits plumes of thick smoke that will fill the sky in a hazy blanket. When this can is opened, smoke keeps coming out for up to 3 minutes – that’s a long time! Use the Can of Smoke, as a smoke screen to get away from the enemy, to go along with your sparking fireworks or as a special effect in your magic show. Made by Black Cat fireworks, a leader in the pyrotechnic industry.
Jumbo Red M-5000 Firecrackers:  Pop, make that POP! Our Jumbo M-5000 Red firecracker sticks are bundled together and strung with quick fuse for fast lighting and faster fun. Once you set the punk to these awesome firecrackers, you can expect a pyrotechnic reaction in a fraction of a second. The super loud report and rowdy reputation of these bad boys makes them long-time favorites for nearly every type of celebration. Manufactured by World Class Fireworks, a well-respected name in the pyrotechnic industry that brings you nostalgic favorites and innovative new fireworks as well.
Mini Pearl 10-Ball Roman Candles: Scaled down in size but not the fun-factor, our Mini Pearl 1o-Ball Roman Candle is sure to be a hit with the whole family. Dad, mom and the kids will have a blast shooting off this miniature version of the Roman Candle. Whether celebrating the Fourth of July or ringing in the New Year, each candle fires of ten pint-sized pyrotechnic stars way up into the air. And, in those 10 shots there are 8 different pyrotechnic effects. This one is always a winner with your guests so make sure to get enough for everyone.
Pharaoh’s Treasure #8 Cone: After seeing it erupt, you might just call the Pharaoh’s Treasure one of the new wonders of the world. Paying tribute to the mysteries of the ancient Egyptian culture, this jumbo-sized cone emits a shower of gold and flashing silver tips up into the air – you’ll be reminded of the bounty of beautiful baubles that are buried inside a pyramid. At 12-inches tall, this large cone fountain sends shower effects up to 7-feet high and lasts for approximately 30 seconds. This cone fountain is a rich and rewarding addition to your next pyrotechnic show.
Tank with Cracker (quantity 10):  Actually, these are just $0.49 a piece, so you can order 10, still come in around $5 bucks and the kids can have extra fun! These Tanks with Cracker are ready to roll – to roll right into your next celebration and fire things up. This clever little firework novelty is crafted to look just like a miniature green army tank and is sure to turn appreciative heads. When lit, this too-cool tank shoots out gold sparks as it rolls around on the ground searching for the next attack. For a finale, an attached firecracker makes this firework novelty end with a loud POP! The boys are going to love this one.