A home movie filled with sparklers, roman candles and flashing things, it might not be an Academy Award winner, but the cinematography and special effects are sure to get any guy fired up for fun. Check out this video of some pyro fans experimenting with their purchases down from the firework stand. It’s a backyard blowout – literally – with lots of laughing at the results. Now you tongue-cluckers may notice that not every safety precaution is being followed — like holding Roman candles in the hand.  At All Spark Fireworks, we always, always recommend following the safety precautions listed on the back of  a specific firework – if no safety information is available, some rules of thumb are to never use damaged fireworks, never hold in your hand, always keep water nearby for extinguishing, never use indoors, and make sure area is cleared and free of debris. While safety is obviously not the first concern of these kids, we are at least glad to see they are setting the fireworks off in an empty cleared flower bed. If you want to get in on the action, check out our wide selection of sparklers, Roman Candles and fun novelty fireworks.