There’s a good chance you’ve seen this Youtube video of a drone flying through a firework show – to date, it’s had more than 15 million views.  Sit back, turn off the lights and watch in HD. It will be one of the best firework show experiences of your life, and you didn’t even have to battle the downtown crowds to get a good spot to sit.
This four-minute video set to inspirational music was made using a DJI Phantom 2 drone outfitted with a GoPro Hero 3 Silver, new gear is available now but this video does a really great job of capturing what it would be like to have a bird’s eye view of a firework show. And, amazingly, the equipment wasn’t damaged by all the flying debris and explosions.
We’re tempted to give our next backyard firework show the same special treatment with a display of the artillery shells and 500 gram cakes we have in inventory. Right now, I’m feeling torn between the job of lighting the fireworks or being at the helm of the drone.  Either way, I feel an Academy Award coming on!
Whether you are capturing your firework display with a Go-pro’d drone or just a cell phone camera, Allspark Fireworks has everything you need to make a bright, colorful blast.  Shop right from your home or office anytime of the day or night and the fireworks you select will be shipping straight to your doorstep. The perfect, time-saving solution for upcoming Memorial Day, 4th of July, baseball parks and other summer celebrations.