This fabulous picture of the aurora borealis over Iceland may just be one of the greatest cosmic fireworks in the universe. The phenomenon, also known as the northern lights, was named after a combination of the Roman goddess of Dawn (Aurora) and the Greek name for north wind (Boreas).  In high latitude areas like the Arctic, Antarctica, and Iceland (as shown in the photo) often have atmospheres were energetic charged particles collide with atoms to create the breathtaking natural light displays which are usually in shades of green, sometimes with features of red.  Throughout history, the aurora borealis have intrigued various societies. The ancient Cree culture called the light display a “dance of the spirits,” while during the Middle Ages, Europeans believe the light was a message straight from God.
While you certainly can’t create the Aurora Borealis in your own backyard, you can have a man-made display of glowing green sparkles over the horizon by using an assortment of green fireworks. AllSpark Fireworks has a wide array of green fireworks to get an out-of-this-world pyrotechnic display going. Start with simple green sparklers and end the night with green box crackling artillery shells and a big green chrysanthemum burst for a grand finale.
Photo from @historyneeds you and @brightgee