Dubai has one of the most spectacular fireworks display in the world for New Year’s Eve. Taking place at the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the glittering city (also famously showcased in the movie ‘Mission Impossible), the firework show is so high-tech that it is guided by satellites. The visual extravaganza was designed and executed by a120-member team from Prisme International pyrotechnical firm and took 12 weeks of round-the-clock work to complete.  The firework show features a four-act show which puts the focus on the tower itself, as well as all of the surrounding area. The area hosted more than 200,000 spectators for the firework fun along with many thousands more from surrounding neighborhoods.
To keep the safety of the audience and environment at the forefront, the display was created with special non-explosive paper-based firework that will not drop sparks onto the ground or even create the typical trail of ash residue. A satellite stationed above the atmosphere relayed signals to and from control central to execute an awesomely synchronized display of laser beams and fireworks. It was a huge and highly creative pyrotechnic show as you can see from the video; estimates are that the grand finale alone contained more than 10,000 shells.  It’s definitely a firework show that puts Dubai on the list as one of the top firework events on par with New Year’s Eve celebrations in London, Sydney and New York.