If you have 91 spare roman candles and a roll of duct tape  This dude in the video decided to spend a summer evening in 2006 taping together a mother lode of Roman candles – said it took him around 3 hours to make the bundle of fireworks. The process he employed was to use a few Roman candles, wrap tape around the top and bottom, and then keep repeating until the entire thing is secure and taped down (he didn’t want any slipping out of the bottom).  Then he followed safety protocols (like DON’T hold this beast in your hands) and set this massive load of pyrotechnic power far, far away on the beach before lighting off.  After all that work, the whole fiery display lasted about just about 30 seconds, but it was impressive!
If you’re looking to tinker around with something similar, All Spark Fireworks has plenty of Roman candle options for your consideration. For example, the 10 Ball Roman Candle is always a crowd pleaser and must have for thrill-seekers who like some hands-on action when it comes to fireworks. This old-school Roman candle comes loaded with ten pyrotechnic stars that shoot out sequentially, one after another. Another interesting choice for your masterpiece would be the Secret Weapon.  This loud and long firework is anything but hush-hush and blasts out five big shots of assorted stars for your pleasure.  Check out Allsparkfireworks.com for more choice in Roman candles and other fireworks.