Remember the guttural grunt that Tim from “Tool Time” on the long-running series Home Improvement would utter when he saw “guy stuff” that he liked?  That famous grunt connoted approval, admiration, fascination, happiness, awe and more – in fact, the iconic grunt was even named as one of the top ten famous sounds of television, an honor including the Jeopardy game show “think” music and Charlie Brown’s garbled “adult talk”.
The grunt, may be considered the manliest of all non-verbal expressions, and is equally found among men exposed to fireworks. Just the mere sight of a firework will cause most men to feel a quickening in the pulse and growl in the throat. The guys at AllSpark Fireworks have come up with some of the most grunt-worthy firework picks that testosterone-infused guys will go crazy over.
Roll of 4,000 Firecrackers: More is better and this mega-roll of crackers by World Class increases the fun exponentially. Firecrackers were first invented more than 1,000 years ago in China, and are still going strong today!
The Excalibur: Known as the holy grail in fireworks by many guys, this legendary pyrotechnic item feature a quality HDPE mortar tube and 24 shells that break 250 feet into the sky, over 200 feet wide. Don’t shoot your wad at one time; this is a long-lasting display with tons of special effects.
750 Shot Saturn Missile This 200 gram cake fires 750 shots of whistling rockets high into the air, one right after another – wow, that’s a lot!  This long-lasting firework cake is packed to the max with noisy and flashy effects that will have a guy’s 4th of July bash hopping!