What’s not to love about fireworks, ladies?  They’re beautiful, sparkly and bring family and friends together in celebration. If you’re not into the mega-load, ultra-loud bad boys that the guys seem to favor, we’ve asked the ladies in our lives for report on their favorites. Here’s a list of the top picks:
Sparklers:  Sparklers are always winners with women not just because they are not-so-scary and relatively safe as far as fireworks go. Plus, you can do so many fun things with firework sparklers including using them as toppers on a cake or to “write” a message in the air.
Pop Pop Snappers Women call these fun little novelty fireworks a favorite because there’s actually a retro drawing of a girl on the box and as moms’ say – “you can’t shoot your eye out” with these safe and sane fireworks scaled down enough that even the kids can use them.
Sky Lanterns:  These unique fireworks sail away into the night like a little glowing hot air balloon – so pretty and ethereal. Where they land, you’ll never know unless you attach a message for the finder. Don’t worry, the remnants of these fireworks biodegrade quickly. An especially special effect for a backyard wedding.
Dancing  Butterfly: What little girl and her mom don’t love butterflies? This exciting spinner firework flutters about the ground in a frenzy, a choreography of carefree moves that will keep slumber parties and pool parties entertained all night.
Kid’s Pack Assortment:  Moms know that keeping the kids happy in the summer isn’t an easy job. This “big bag of fun” offers lots of goodies to keep the little gremlins entertained. Packed with sparklers, snappers, poppers, novelty fireworks and even bigger fireworks that Dad can help out with.
Count Pyro’s Castle: The outside of this large firework fountain looks just like some sort of dreamy storybook castle, but when the fuse is lit the party starts – a full three minutes of colorful sparkles with a variety of effects spew out of the different “rooms”.  A firework that lives up to the anticipation!