firework makers daughter
Fireworks have been part of various cultures for thousands of years, starting in China and crossing into every corner of the world. Our collective fascination with fireworks has been captured in poems, artwork, literature and theater. A short novel called The Firework-Maker’s Daughter has recently been adapted for the stage as an opera and is delighting audience young and old alike.
The book was written by Philip Pullman and originally published in 1995. The author penned the story as a school play, and the novel was eventually adapted into a play as mentioned above. Called a “fairy tale” by Pullman, the children’s book is tale of adventure where the main character, a girl named Lila, goes on a quest to prove to her father that she has what it takes to follow in his footsteps as a master firework-maker.  Despite her talents, her father doesn’t find firework-making a fitting job for his daughter. Of course, the journey ends happily!
We definitely recommend adding this book to your home library and catching it on stage if you can. Meanwhile, don’t forget that you can realize your own dreams and live out a real-life fairytale with fireworks and pyrotechnic supplies from
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