1) AllSparkFireworks.com sells firecrackers from a wide range of manufacturers including Black Cat, World Class Fireworks and Thunder Bomb.
2) You can purchase firecrackers bundled in little packs of just 4 to 6 firecrackers or in large rolls of 16,000 firecrackers or more!
3) The first firecrackers were made hundreds of years ago in China from green bamboo that was thrown into fire to scare spirits away
4) The overwhelming majority of firecrackers are still made in China and exported around the world.
5) A firecracker is sometimes referred to as a cracker, noise maker, banger, or bunger in other parts of the world.
6) Flash powder or black powder are the propellants in fireworks; in other words, how they get their bang.
7) The term ‘firecracker’ has been coined to refer to something hot, spicy or small but with a bit personality.