beer can firework
CAN you believe it? Today, January 24th is National Beer Can Appreciation Day. This is a holiday that most of us can really support, especially if it involves downing a few cold brews in order to get a beer can to add to a tasteful collection (burp). The origins of this sort of strange holiday date back to 1935, the year when beer was first sold in cans.
Instead of pouring from a keg or growler, beer-loving gals and guys enjoy the convenience of just popping the top off an individual-sized serving. The can helps keep the precious beer inside clean, fresh, frothy and cold. Anyone can appreciate a beer can for the practicality it brings to drinking ales, stouts and lagers, but it takes a true visionary to realize that beer cans can be appreciated for uses beyond libations – namely to make shooting off fireworks easier.
A full beer can that hasn’t been opened yet can be used to anchor down supplies used in your backyard firework show. Space out a six pack along a tarp to keep it from flying away or use a single full beer to hold down the end of fuse while you pull the other end out to its final destination.
An empty beer can be filled up halfway with water and used as a vessel to douse out smaller fireworks like firecrackers and bottle rockets. It’s ALWAYS a good idea to carefully pick up expended fireworks and make sure they are fully extinguished with water – otherwise, lingering embers could possible catch trash, grass or other surroundings on fire.
An empty beer can also be filled up halfway with sand or small pebbles to hold sparklers, roman candles and bottle rockets in place before they are ignited. Keeping fireworks like this in a container (rather than your hand) prevents the chances of an injury.
So do you have any other ways to “appreciate” beer cans in the firecracker world? Let us know in the comments below.