It’s the job of advertising to grab your attention and make you want to rush out and buy the product on impulse; or, in the case of a big-ticket item like a car, at least remember it how awesome it is until your time to purchase comes!   A 2010 television commercial by ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi out of Sydney, Australia really did a bang up job making viewers remember the car . . . or at least the commercial. The ad for the Toyota Camry Hybrid razzled and dazzled audiences with a creative interpretation of fireworks – human fireworks. You can check out the whole clip here.
These human fireworks in the commercial are not the firework suits of the early 20th century that we’ve mentioned in other blog posts, but instead digitally edited video to look as if real people were exploding into overhead aerial bursts and ground foundations!  Very clever! The faux fireworks are gymnasts and acrobats dressed up in colorful Spandex suits who blast out of rockets into the air or spring backwards alongside the moving car in groups. Cool stuff!
So, the point is that driving one of these vehicles should be as exhilarating as watching a spectacular parade of pyrotechnics. Note to consumer, you will NOT actually see human fireworks shooting into the sky when you drive the Toyota Camry Hybrid – unless maybe you’re an Aussie!  However, if you’d like to celebrate you own car, whether a luxury vehicle or old jalopy, you don’t have to put the pedal to the metal to pick up fireworks and supplies at an inconvenient roadside stand. You can buy fireworks and supplies anytime of the day or night on the AllSpark Fireworks site; plus, they’ll be delivered straight to your front door!