Forget about green cars that you have to plug in; crafty firework enthusiasts have a new way to make a not-so-subtle statement. – sparklers! While adding hundreds of sparklers to your ride won’t really make it more eco-friendly, it certainly does make a great photo opportunity.  This particular Volkswagen Beetle was decked out artistically for the 4th of July with lots of sparklers that, when lit, ignited in a rush of wonderful light. If you’re going to try this yourself, follow all the safety precautions – and especially don’t actually have the car running or have gas in the tank. Remember that the longer the sparkler is in length, the longer it will burn. For example, 10 inch sparklers will burn for approximately 45 seconds, 20-inch sparklers for approximately 2 minutes and 36-inch sparklers for about 4 minutes. For a sparkler art display, you’ll probably want to stick with the longest possible stick to maximize the enjoyment. Plus, you’ll have to remember that it will take a small amount of time for the sparklers to light up each other placed end to end.  For great photography, set your shutter on a slower speed to let in more light on the exposure.  Check out All Spark Fireworks for an amazing selection of sparklers for your ‘electric car’ – pick from gold, silver, red, green and other festive colors.