Those Aussies always know how to do it up right when it comes to celebrating in style. Not only is the New Year’s Eve celebration in Sydney’s harbor the first of each year thanks to their propitious time zone, it is also one of the most spectacular to watch. Rumor has it that the more than 15,000 pounds of pyrotechnics cost almost $6.5 million dollars US.  One and a half million spectators convened in person to watch the dazzling pyrotechnic program shot off from the rooftop of the famous opera house over the bay, while many millions more around the world watched not-to-be-missed event on television or the internet.  This year they had a family oriented firework show at 9pm and then the traditional blow out as midnight approached.
Since 2000, the renowned Sydney firework display has been created by Fortunato Foti of Foti Fireworks, a 7th generation pyrotechnic company from Australia. The Foti techniques have been handed down within the family since 1793 and the amazing detail and artistry in their spectacular shells sure shows.  The firework show designed to ring in 2012 was themed ‘A Time To Dream.’ A new firework effect that impressed the audience was the ‘criss-crossed shells’ that created a latticework effect in the sky. Also memorable were the ‘quadrant shells’ which featured four colors with symbolic meaning – purple (community), blue (the harbor), green (environment) and yellow (happiness). ‘Waterfalls’, ‘double squares,’ and ‘butterflies with green eyes’ were also breathtaking at this firework show.