With summer approaching faster than a lit fuse, you’ve probably been thinking about one of America’s favorite forms of warm-weather entertainment – watching firework shows. You know what’ even better than watching firework shows? Putting on one of these sparkly shindigs in your own backyard or other appropriate venue! However, the anticipated expense of putting on a personal firework event often stops enthusiasts in their tracks. But, today I’m sharing 5 Ways to Save on Fireworks and keep your wallet from blowing up!
Buy Fireworks Online: Purchasing fireworks online, at sites like Allspark Fireworks, has a huge selection of pyrotechnic products at fair and reasonable prices. There are none of the obnoxious promotions that you see at roadside vendors like “Buy One, Get 12 Free,” but the first one costs a small fortune.  Instead, buying fireworks online allows you to skip the middle man and get a great deal with none of the bait and switch. Plus, you also save money by not wasting your time and gas driving all over town – or to the outskirts of the county.
Stick to Favorites: It’s tempting to buy up all the colorful fireworks with names that make promises they may or may not keep. However, the “one of this and one of that” mentality can really start to take a toll on your budget, especially if you’re not sure you will like the actual effect of the firework. Instead, stick to those tried-and-true fireworks that have performed well for you in past years. That being said, I do allow a little wiggle room in my firework budget for experimentation, but I cap it to 10% of my budget so that I don’t go crazy! Another idea is to check out what the neighbor is shooting off. If you see one you really like, get the name of it and add it to your list.
Buy in Bulk: Often a vendor will provide a discount for buying fireworks in bulk or offer other incentives such as free shipping. Even if the merchant isn’t offering an advertised “discount” for bulk purchases, remember that often online, the lowest point is already being met.  If you buy in bulk, don’t miss the next tip.
Learn How to Store: Normally, I wouldn’t advise on stocking up on fireworks, there are safety issues and also just the unknown of humidity or other moisture running the products. However, if you follow proper and safe storage tips (I’ve outlined in a past blog post here), you can buy extra of your favorite fireworks to enjoy at the next big holiday such as 4th of July or New Year’s Eve.
Don’t Get Ripped Off: Often it’s “Buyer Beware” when it comes to fireworks. Shady, fly-by-night resellers pop up on the side of the road selling who knows what to anyone who will stop by. Their products likely do not have a brand name such as Black Cat and there is no telling where they came from or if they are at all safe. They could have water damage, have been bent during storage, be made with inferior ingredients, be past-past-past season and so on. One of the ploys to sell them, as I mentioned earlier, is advertising huge sales like “Buy ONE, get a DOZEN free.”  When a deal seems too good to be true, it likely is.