firework glasses

  1. Wear glasses that make everything reflect with colorful prisms. You can often find these fun glasses at party stores for just a buck or two. They also take looking at Christmas lights to a whole new level!
  2. Make watching fireworks an in-person, live event. Don’t watch fireworks on television, gather up your family and friends and head to a local event – better yet, stock up on fireworks from and make your OWN firework display!
  3. Add a musical score to your firework experience to delight more than one sense. While your eyes are ogling the colorful sparks your ears will be inspired by patriotic pumping from your iPod playlist. Check out one of our past blog posts on how to make a musical score for your firework display.
  4. Stock up on all your favorite fireworks like sparklers and firecrackers – but also try some fireworks that are new to you! You’ll never know what will become the next best thing in your 4th of July firework show.
  5. Make memories of your firework fun with special photography. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take quality photos of fireworks.  One of the easiest projects is to combine long-lasting sparklers with a low exposure shutter speed on your camera. We describe how to do this firework light art in a past blog post on sparkler writing– check it out and get inspired for the 4th of July.