Children are always wide-eyed, and never more so when fireworks are lighting up the sky. However, the wide-eyed reaction can go one of two ways with children, either they are delighted or scared out of their minds.  Here are some great tips to follow when you are considering taking young ones to experience a firework show.
Leave babies at home. The loud noises tend to startle them and they will not be able to sleep through the show.
Consider the temperament of toddlers. If your you child frightens very easily or is afraid of the dark or loud noises, you should find a sitter for the night. However, if you think the child is up for the experience, bring along ear plugs or headphones with music just in case.  
Bring creature comforts. Bring a nice, soft blanket to sit on and a pillow and luvie in case your little one starts to get tired at the late hour. Also, if you child is just a bit scared, having a favorite stuffed animal to ‘share the experience with’ will give them confidence.
Pick your spot wisely. Check around to see who you’ll be sitting next to for the next couple hours. If the group looks too rowdy and you feel there is the possibility they could be behaving in a les than exemplarary way, just pick up your blanket and move to the section with lots of kids.
Make a game of it. Have your kids count the number of bursts in a certain color or predict what the next firework will look like. It’s a great way to reinforce beginning counting and color skills learned in pre-school.
Enlist helpers.Your children can really have a big hand in the experience from helping pick up trash to having the older kids entertain the younger during the pre-show wait. It is also a good time to explain to the older kids how the chemistry and physics of fireworks work or teach them how to take photos of fireworks with the long shutter speed.