Oh, say can you see . . . lots of fireworks in the sky?! The warm-weather months are usually filled with pyrotechnic shows from Memorial Day in May and Flag Day in June to the Fourth of July and Labor Day unofficially ending summer. There’s no better way to top off a backyard barbeque, entertain your friends and show your patriotic spirit.
A really awesome, proud-to-be-an-American firework is the Wave With Pride Fountain by Black Cat. Before even opening up the super-cool contoured box that resembles an American flag, we knew we’d be pledging our allegiance to this firework since it’s by Black Cat, a long-time leader and innovator in the pyrotechnic biz. After putting the punk to fuse, this mega-powered 500 gram fountain, the largest amount of pyro compounds legally allowed for consumers by law, shoots out a skyward parade of red, white and blue sparks. A lengthy display, that makes a good choice for the beginning, middle or end of your show, this firework features Red Titanium Rain, Silver Rain, Blue Titanium Rain, Red Stars, White Glittering, Blue Stars, Stage Titanium Whistles and Crackling Showers.
Another memorable patriotic firework is America’s Fountain, made by the tried-and-true firework pros at World Class Pyrotechnics. The packaging features a graphic of the iconic Capitol of The United States with colorful aerial bursts over head, but it’s the inside contents that will knock your socks off. Some of the striking effects include dark ruby red, bright white and brilliant blue spark that light up the sky with an indefatigable spirit.
For the kids and the kids at heart, we always like to stock up on good, old-fashioned sparklers in red, white and blue. This gives everyone a chance to get into the mood of our majestic nation. Remember, to handle all fireworks (even the sparklers) with extreme care and follow all instructions and safety recommendations on the manufacturer’s label.