It’s not like firecrackers are expensive, they’re actually one of the cheapest fireworks around at just pennies a piece. However, some enthusiasts looking for a bigger thrill like to supplement their firecracker fix by making some extra ones at home.
You’ll need to gather up the supplies; luckily, most are fairly common. First, you’ll need everyday clear tape (the kind you wrap gifts with), toy gun caps (tape or rings), fuse, newspaper, small paper cup and a sewing pin. Lay all your items out on a clean work area lined with old newspaper to catch any excess debris.
First, use the sewing pin to remove the gunpowder from the cap by gently prying, dump collected powder into the small paper cup. Work slowly and carefully so that you don’t accidently pop the cap. There are usually about 8 “shots” of gunpowder on each plastic ring, repeat the process for each. Depending on how much “bang” you want your firecracker to have depends on how many cap rings you should take gunpowder from. However, don’t extract powder from more than 3 whole rings; too much powder can be dangerous and cause an injury either during the building process or while firing the firework off. This means you should make your firecrackers one at a time.
To assemble the firecracker, tear off a 2-inch piece transparent tape and sprinkle the gunpowder on top of the sticky side (or just drag the tape through it). Next, stick a 2-inch length of fuse perpendicular to the tape, rolling the tape up tightly around the fuse. Use another length of clean tape to wrap up the gunpowder-encrusted tape from the outside, also covering the entire bottom of the gunpowder section. If you fail to tape the bottom properly, the opening left will be an avenue for the gases to escape, thus creating a sort of rocket.
Light your homemade firecracker in a safe outdoor area free of debris, property and other flammable materials. Light the fire cracker with a match or punk while it is sitting on the ground; never light while holding in your hands. Watch your crafty firework pop with a nice report, yay! For comparisons sake, you might want to do some side-by-side comparisons with some pre-made fireworks from Black Cat or Thunder Bomb – get ‘em at All Spark Fireworks.