Opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games are traditionally marked with pomp, circumstance and show-stopping razzle-dazzle. For the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games scheduled in Tokyo, the kick-off entertainment may feature an artificial meteor show if a Japanese research company (ALE) wins the big. Sky Canvas is the name of this high-tech firework show, and the company says the production involves sending a satellite into space packing up to 1,000 “source particles” that are part of the secret recipe to create a shooting star.
So how will this next-level “fireworks” show work? Sources say that after the satellite reaches its path in orbit, the source particles will then be discharged via a proprietary device located onboard the craft. Once let loose from the satellite, the particles will travel through space and enter the atmosphere, functioning similar to a naturally-occurring meteor which are basically space dust and ice.
The company, whose normal focus is how to get old mission equipment and other space waste to safely burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere, plans to test launch its first “shooting star” satellite in the second half of 2017,
The man-made “shooting stars” that will be onboard have been manipulated to produce various colors based on the elements use. For example, cooper is green, lithium is pink, potassium is violet. This chemical manipulation is how pyrotechnicians create different colors for traditional fireworks too, including the fireworks sold at AllSpark Fireworks.
So, who will see this human-engineered meteor storm? If everything goes as planned the “show” will be seen from the Olympic stadium in Tokyo and in a 62 mile-radius surround area, potentially reaching 30 million in-person views. Get your lawn chairs ready if you live in and around Tokyo, Japan!
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