Today, June 30th, has been listed as Meteor Day on the calendar of holidays, big and small. This may be a good night to hold off the aerial fireworks, like mortars, repeaters and even rockets and Roman candles. Don’t fret, the optional firework hiatus is just temporary so that meteors can be better seen this evening in the sky. Tomorrow resume your firework festivities as planned, by all means!
Meteors are clumps of space dust and ice that break through the atmosphere of Earth, they can be as tiny as a grain of sand or as big as a car, or bigger. When you spot a meteor streaking through the sky, people often say, “oh, it’s a shooting star.” But, now you know it’s really frozen dirt from a far, far away!
There is no guarantee you will see a meteor tonight, it’s not a meteor “storm,” just a good night to watch for them if the sky is clear. Head outside and cast your gaze to the heavens to catch a glimpse of a meteor streaking by. If you miss tonight, the Perseid Meteor shower occurs each August, the atmospheric conditions are ripe for shooting stars.
Or, you could always orchestrate your own faux meteor shower this summer. Allspark Fireworks has so many fireworks to rock your galaxy. The Silver Fox bottle rocket by Black Cat shoots off and sends a wide silver tail that swooshes through the night – ending with a big bang! Another shooting star-like firework we like is the All Silver Salute by Black Cat with three magnificent effects that sparkle, glitter and rain in silver. And, don’t forget to have the kids participate in the meteor firework fun. Traditional sparklers are bound to create excitement with youngsters as will our 3-foot long Morning Glories for older kiddos. However, please provide adult supervision and common sense when using fireworks with children.
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