When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, forget about grill tools, don’t even consider a tacky tie, and give a big no-no to yard equipment. Giving a lawn mower to dad on this special day is like presenting mom a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day. Just don’t, if you know what’s good for you! That bottle of aged scotch might still be nice and, as for the handmade crafts from the kids, they are so sentimental and will make dad smile – especially if attached to a big package of fireworks!
That’s right, fireworks! Father’s Day is in just under two weeks and it’s time to get serious about what to get dear ole dad. While most parents don’t want or need material things, they’ve collected enough over a lifetime. That’s why “consumables” seem to be popular, stuff like a bottle of liquor, a shipment of steaks or assortment of fine cigars. By any definition, a firework is considered a consumable product . . . . meaning, once you use it, it is gone.
Load up dad with fireworks and watch him smile in gratitude and gleeful anticipation as he tears into the box. I like to give my dad all the fireworks that are his tried and trues, like  Black Cat Bottle Rockets and pretty much any artillery shell. But, I also like to treat him to an Assortment pack so he can find some new favorites or get him a big ticket item on his wish list that he’s dreamed of but never purchased for himself because other budget items took precedence (like that lawn mower).  This year, the surprise firework I’m going to wrap up for Father’s Day is the Pyro Storm Assortment, an eye-popping package of fountains, sparklers and novelties that he can share alongside his grandkids!
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