burger beef firework
May is National Barbeque Month, the unofficial start of the summer grilling and smoker season and great excuse to take leisure time activities outdoors. Why not tastefully season the good grub, warm weather and gathering of friends and family with a post meal fireworks show?! While the ribs, brisket and links cook “slow and low” on the grill, a “high and fast” show of sparkly snaps crackles and pops will perfectly punctuate the night sky.  Here are some family fun ideas for your BBQ Blast Backyard Party:
1.  Give the kids jars and let them catch fireflies, natures tiniest little fireworks. Adults will love our Firefly firework, a 16-shot cake that shoots out shells that sparkle in red and silver.
2.  Send off Sky Lanterns, like tiny hot air balloons, that guests have written a special thought or wish on on, like a “message in a bottle.”
3.  Add sparklers to your dessert like  chocolate cake, apple cobbler, banana pudding or whatever pairing you prefer with a barbeque dinner. Since you’ll be celebrating outdoors, there’s no worry of pock-marking the floors with errant sparks.
4.  Send guests home with party favors including small firework novelties . . and of course, leftover burgers, steaks and hot dogs!
5.  Purchase an assortment pack of fireworks for your event so you get to sample a little of everything. Try the Party Pack 6 for a great entry level or the huge King of the Block assortment from Black Cat that has nearly everything.
6.  Add a grand finale to your firework show that your guests will remember all year! Multi-shot cake fireworks make great grand finales because they are pre-fused to send firework after firework into the sky with only one light of the fuse.  Check out the Black Cat 1000 Professional with six distinctly different and beautiful aerial shots. Also, for a long-lasting display, the Absolute Pyro 156 sends off a sequence of 156 (!) gold and silver willow tail fireworks into the sky – it’s quite a sight!