Ahh, the massive firework assortment pack. I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Thankfully, giving into my lust for a big box of fireworks has yet to be my final fate, as the flame usually is for the poor moth. However, there can be some pro and cons to buying an assortment pack over buying individual fireworks “a la carte.’ I give you the rundown below, but either way you come out a winner because “Hey, fireworks”!
big city display firework
Variety: The pro with an assortment bundle is that you get a little of this and a little of that, making it perfect for the person who can’t make up his mind or is new to the hobby of fireworks and wants to eat off the sampler platter until deciding his favorite “menu” items. This leads me to the con. If you are someone who knows exactly what they want and what you want isn’t in the box, it’s obviously not for you!
Price: The pro with firework assortment packs is that they typically cost less, piece-by-piece, than if purchasing each firework individually. If you know you’ll enjoy every firework in the collection, then it’s a great deal and can help you stretch your firework budge. The con is that because sold as a “set,” the up-front purchase price can be intimidating. For example, Black Cat’s King of the Block goes for $399 – that’s a big chunk of change out of pocket, but worth it if you want a big bang for your buck. But, also the Kids Pack Assortment is only $9.99 and gets lot of great customer reviews.
Wow-factor: The pro here is that an assortment pack of fireworks has a huge wow factor. If there’s anything better than a firework, it’s lots and lots of different types of fireworks all boxed up for your fancy. Just watch your neighbor’s jaw drop when you pull out an assortment pack at the next 4th of July cul-de-sac party. Some of these collections are huge, measuring 3 to 4 feet tall and taller! If variety is the spice of life then a fireworks assortment will keep the season from getting boring. The con for this is non-existent, I can’t think of a single reason you wouldn’t say wow!