Wow lol this is crazzy!!

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How else could a weekend be better spent that setting off thousands and thousands of firecrackers at one time?! This video from Instagram caught our attention because of all the red “litter” on the street. We were horrified that so much trash would be scattered with trash cans surely found within walking distance. However, upon realizing that the mess was a mother load of firecrackers waiting to be lit, we were all like “yaaaaaaaaas, wait for it”!
On the given cue, several dudes light fuse from their appointed location and withing a minute all of the firecrackers have exploded in an explosive wave with with rolling flames and smokes. Cell phones recording away like crazy to capture this audacious firework stunt. Thankfully most of the people decided to jump back a few feet at the start of the pop, pop, popping.
Watching this video leaves us scratching our heads about a few things. Did that huge explosion of fireworks turn the town square into a furnace room. We imagine that the air temperature went up significantly, but we  saw no one pull off their coats as it happened so quickly. Also, just how many firecrackers went into the making of this epic event? One thousand, ten thousand . . .or more?
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