wedding fireworkPut even more sparkle into your special day with fireworks; it’s one of the most enduring trends in the wedding industry. Seems all the glitterati have or are planning to incorporate pyrotechnic elements in wedding celebrations. Famous royals like Prince William and Kate have used fireworks and, no doubt Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, will do the same later at her nuptials this year. Actors, from Neil Patrick Harris to George Clooney, love to up the showmanship of the night by sparkling up the night sky with fireworks. Even the country club set like the pair up firework shows with wedding vows – the golf course makes a perfect backdrop for the display.
While the wedding firework extravaganzas put on by celebrities can cost a pretty penny and are almost all exclusively designed and executed by professional pyrotechnicians, you can still put some wow into your wedding at an affordable price thanks to All Sparks Fireworks.
But, even if you can’t shell out the money for big-bucks professional aerial displays, you still incorporate firework elements into your wedding ceremony.
There are many ways to incorporate fireworks in a reasonably-priced wedding. You can create a special “event” as part of the reception, perhaps near the end of the party, where guests move outside, enjoy a special cocktail toast and watch a show of fireworks picked out to honor the bride and groom.  You can also use firework fountains to create a memorable backdrop that are set off right after you and your betrothed finish exchanging vows and partake in the traditional kiss! That will be the kiss of a lifetime!
Sparklers are also popular in weddings, and are sure to fit your budget. Make your honeymoon getaway under an archway of flickering little flames created by sparklers. This is a unique alternative to tossing rice or even blowing bubbles. This firework archway also makes for a beautiful photo element that your wedding day photographer can capture on his camera and you can keep forever. Also, if a long shutter speed is deployed on the camera, words such as “love” or the names of the happy couple can be imaginarily written out in the air! The result is a unique photo with a sparkling message.
At All Spark Fireworks, you’ll find a huge array of fireworks appropriate for your wedding. So many colors, sizes and displays that you’ll be saying “I do, I do, I do”!