Roman candles have long been a favorite with firework fans.  This traditional pyrotechnic item looks like a long stick and ejects one or more exploding ‘stars.’  Available in a variety of sizes; common measurements include  small 6 mm (1/4″) diameter Roman candles for consumers, and up to 8 cm (3″) diameter Roman candles that are used by professionals.
The current top seller at AllSpark Fireworks is the 10-Ball Mini Roman Candle. This scaled-down version of its full-sized sibling, is a fun way to celebrate nearly any occasion on the calendar from the 4th of July to New Year’s Eve. Even if there’s not an official holiday or party planned, you can make the night rock by blasting these guys off into the sky.
Each of these little Roman candles features ten shots of colorful pyrotechnic stars, each shoots up into the night with a noisy salute and a flash of color and sparkle. Packaged in sets of 10, these guys are inexpensive enough to keep the fun going way into the wee hours! The 10-Ball Mini Roman Candle is  made by World Class Fireworks with your safety and satisfaction in mind.
Our top sellers are rated high by consumers in many areas including performance, reliability and safety; you can count on them to be real crowd pleasers. In addition to our mini Roman candle, AllSpark Fireworks stocks plenty of other standard sized Roman Candles as well.