• Excalibur

*Attention: We are now featuring Black Cat's new Diablo Cannister shells exclusively this year in place of Excalibur. Based on our experience, and the impressions we've received from all of you, we are confident that if you give Diablo a shot you will be impressed. Diablo delivers a wider selection of effects packed into generous 60 gram cannister shells.   

Some people call it the holy grail of fireworks; we call it a damn good time. The Excalibur firework is hands-down the #1 selling artillery shell of all time! Create your own legendary pyrotechnic display with this reloadable shell firework that has been impressing even the most seasoned firework enthusiasts for more than a decade. The Excalibur comes with 24 of the best quality canister shells on the market that break over 250 feet in the sky and over 200 feet wide – the designs of these shells are so cool, they’re patented! The Excalibur is also bundled with HDPE, single-mold tubes that assure optimal conditioning of the mortar for launching and unrivaled safety standards (cardboard tubes can’t even compete). The full listing of The Excalibur effects:

* Jumbo Red Dahlia
* Green Glittering with Crackles
* Red and Silver Peony
* Jumbo Crackling
* Silver Crackling Palm
* Jumbo Silver Chrysanthemum
* Silver Palm with Crackling
* Jumbo Brocade Crown
* Golden Willow with Crackling
* Jumbo Green Chrysanthemum
* Brocade Silver to Green Whirlwind
* Jumbo Crackling
* Dragon Eggs
* Purple and Green Peony
* Brocade Silver to Blue Whirlwind
* Multi-color Peony Blue Whirlwind
* Multi-Color Peony
* Silver Wave to Red Whirlwind

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