World Class Fireworks

World-Class FireworksWorld Class Fireworks are the perfect way to create a blast at your next special occasion. As the manufacturer of products such as “One Bad Mother” and “Excalibur,” it doesn’t have to be spelled out that these pyrotechnics items will please even the most discerning pyrotechnics enthusiast. For centuries, using fireworks has long been a popular way to celebrate special events and today the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve are two of the top seasons for shooting them off.

Like 95-percent of the other fireworks sold in the United States, World Class fireworks are manufactured in China. The factories are located primarily in the Liuyang, part of the Hunan region of China. Historically, this area of China has been culturally and economically tied to the fireworks industry and produces some of the best products coming out of the country. After the fireworks are made (mainly by still by hand), they are exported to Jake’s Fireworks in the United States who is the primary distributor of World Class Fireworks across the fifty states.

World Class Fireworks strives to bring the most advance and innovative products to market in the consumer fireworks industry.  And, to top this off, Jake’s Fireworks provides a large testing staff on-site in China to ensure that all products meet and exceed their performance and safety expectations. In fact, Jake’s says that they were the first American company to send over US representatives to oversee quality in the factories – probably true, since they’ve been in business for more than 60 years. Everyone agrees that Jake’s Fireworks and World Class are synonymous with reliability and quality.

World Class fireworks run the gamut from fun novelties that the whole family, including the kids, will have fun setting off to over-the-top pyrotechnic items that will draw crowds. Leave the audience gasping in amazement with artillery shells, Roman candles, fountains, cake repeaters smoke items and even a string of noise firecrackers.

A distinctive feature of the World Class brand is the signature logo. A yellow circle featuring a globe emblazoned with a patriotic, stars-and-stripes silhouette of the United States makes an image consumers won’t forget.  These fireworks exude the attitude of All American fun and will give a thrill to even the most discerning fireworks fan! So, if you are looking to get the party started with fireworks, get some World Class fireworks and have a blast.  You’ll find that World Class items are fun, safe and reasonably priced.

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