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wholesale firework pricingWant to place a wholesale order or learn more about our wholesale division?

If so then please contact Andy Swickard our wholesale rep at 317-797-9120.

AllSpark Fireworks wholesale has a minimum order of $2,000. Wholesale pricing is significantly cheaper than retail pricing and is designed for retailers. 

We ship wholesale fireworks orders year round and we specialize in helping small retailers with a broad product selection and low prices. We can help service your wholesale fireworks needs in any state. 

The best way to get started is to examine the products and quantities you want from our website and then call us directly to place your order. Our wholesale fireworks main point of contact is Andy Swickard. He is ready with great products and advice to help you maximize your sales from your tent, stand, or store. Let us show you the difference AllSpark Fireworks can make for your company.

All wholesale fireworks orders are shipped by LTL carriers and typical shipping times take 2-5 business days. 

Wholesale fireworks are available in all the top brands including Black Cat, Great Grizzly, Brothers, World Class, Boomer and USA. Other pyrotechnic gear is available for the firework fan including fuse, mortar racks, punks, remote lighting systems and more. When you buy wholesale fireworks, life becomes much easier because you can shop year-round and have your fun goodies mailed straight to your doorstep.

Order Wholesale and Save Big

When you buy fireworks at wholesale cost from AllSpark you get more than good prices. You get excellent fireworks performance through superior testing and thorough manufacturing. From product creation, product design, and product labeling we personally oversee all steps.

Buying wholesale fireworks from AllSpark Fireworks means you will be part of our team of fireworks retailers and we will share our market expertise with you regarding ordering, pricing strategy, and marketing strategies. 

By buying wholesale fireworks from us you get the best of all wholesale fireworks distributors rolled into one wholesale fireworks company. Our exclusive deals with Black Cat Fireworks means you can't buy wholesale Black Cat Fireworks cheaper in the US. 

Wholesale Fireworks Credit

We can provide you with all of your Black Cat and wholesale fireworks banners, apparel, and signs. We support your efforts in the retail landscape at all levels because we don't succeed unless you succeed. We even allow you to buy wholesale fireworks with credit terms depending on your company's history and certain terms. The credit extended most often is July 10th dating on wholesale fireworks orders. 

At AllSpark Fireworks we like to create long-term wholesale fireworks partnerships with customers that last for years. This is a relationship business and we want to be successful by making you successful. 

Part of that success is helping provide wholesale fireworks credit on partial or entire orders depending on the customer. We value our partners and we want to be part of your success. To be eligible for credit we ask for references and we run a credit check. If you are requesting credit on part of your order you will be required to submit to us a credit check authorization form and valid personal identification. If you have an established fireworks retail company then we will ask for past references from people or companies you did business with in the past. 

Our wholesale catalogue or online catalogue is a great place to start looking at our unique and exclusive products. We have wholesale fireworks in all categories and at all price points to help you meet your customer's needs. Our Black Cat Fireworks line and all other fireworks lines are imported directly from China so we ensure you the lowest cost on your inventory. 

If you are interested in buying fireworks directly from China we have an import program that will save you another 5-20% off our already low prices. You have to be able to import a container from each manufacturer and there is a 20 case minimum per item requirement. If you are interested in importing directly please contact us in August or September. The deadline for wholesale fireworks import orders is October 1st each year. Import orders typically arrive between January through May of the following year and you have to be able to accept containers anytime during this period. The containers are shipped directly to your warehouse and you are required to unload them and store the product. We offer credit terms of July 10th dating on import orders but you have to pay for shipping and handling when the containers arrive.


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