Where To Buy Firecrackers

Everyone loves firecrackers, those small little fireworks that pack a loud pop. Firecracker are small explosives designed with one primarily goal in mind – making a loud bang. They were actually invented in ancient China; the early versions were simply pieces of bamboo that would pop and crackle when thrown in a fire and were used to scare away evil spirits. Today firecrackers are mainly for fun and celebrating in general. Whether you plan to light these little guys off in the back yard or at a huge fireworks show, you’ll need to know where to buy firecrackers before you get started.

A few states outlaw consumer fireworks all together while about twenty states only allow lower-level fireworks or those that are considered novelties. Twenty one states including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington, Wyoming and Pennsylvania allow the sale of most consumer fireworks to residents, although there are always a few minor exceptions to the rule about where to buy firecrackers. At least there are many states where to buy firecrackers.

For states that permit firecrackers, you will know where to buy firecrackers just driving down the highway. Usually roadside stands or large warehouses offering products to the public are where to buy firecrackers. Often, the states that do allow the sale of firecrackers and other fireworks have a limited window in which to sell. Usually this is in the days preceding the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve; at all other times of the year, the firecrackers will be unavailable, so plan accordingly.

Often people living in a state or jurisdiction that prohibits firecrackers will travel across state lines to get their fireworks fix. While some places have law that says fireworks are to be sold to residents of the State, most fireworks stands operate on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Another option of where to buy firecrackers is to head to an Indian reservation. Many Native American tribes sell consumer fireworks on their reservation and are allowed to do so because their land is considered exempt from state and local authority.

But, if you are wondering where to buy firecrackers in a convenient way, it’s got to be at a reputable online site such as All Sparks Fireworks. Here you can buy firecrackers and fireworks of all types at any time of the year, from any place in the country and without any of the hassles of travel. In fact, when you purchase firecrackers online, they will be delivered straight to your front door. So, if you are still wondering where to buy firecrackers, you’re just a click away!

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