Wedding Firework

Firecrackers, sparklers, fountains, aerial bursts and more! All these types of fireworks and more have been part of many important celebrations over the years. Everyone connects fireworks to the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve, but what about love?! Many engaged couples find that adding a wedding firework or two is a perfect way to celebrate love. There has been a big trend with newlyweds to put a spark of light into their ceremonies and receptions with impressive wedding firework shows. Also, just using a few novelty fireworks is a great way to add a blast to any marriage. Wedding firework shows will top off any bride and groom’s nighttime nuptials and is the perfect way to start a new life together.

If you are tying the knot in a venue that plans and hosts a lot of weddings and special events, they may already be familiar with setting up a wedding fireworks show. For example, many country clubs allow for wedding firework shows or at least can obtain the special permits needed to add pyrotechnics to your important day. Plus, the wide open expanse of the golf course is perfect for hosting a wedding fireworks show. If you are planning an event in your own home or public space, you must get the okay from your city and the rules can vary widely from city to city and even neighborhood to neighborhood. The last thing you want is to get ticketed and fined in your first hours of marital bliss.

Some simple novelty fireworks, such as sparklers and poppers, are not even considered “fireworks” by officials (again, check to make sure what is legal in your area). If you can’t pocket the price of sky-bound bursts, trailing comets and sparkling wands in your chosen wedding colors, you can still make a memorable statement with a simple but elegant wedding fireworks display. For example, imagine how spectacular it would be at a destination beach wedding to walk down an “aisle” that is lined with sparklers?  Sky lanterns are another unusual way to add whimsy and wonder to the night-time nuptials; these fireworks are shot up into the sky and open up into illuminated paper lanterns that gently float back down to the ground. And, as you make your getaway to the honeymoon destination, friends and family can shower you with the confetti from champagne party poppers instead of the classic but kind of boring tossing of rice ritual.

An elaborate for-hire wedding firework show can cost upwards of several thousand dollars – literally, the sky is the limit. However, if the bride or groom has a friend who is a fireworks hobbyist and is willing to tackle the job, a more pocket-book friendly, but still show-stopping display can be assembled and shot off to music played right off your iPod. And, if you are just going the sparklers and party poppers route with your wedding firework choices, you won’t have to break into the nest egg.

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