The Best Fireworks

Everyone has their own opinion about what are the best fireworks around. Like any other art form, beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to fireworks. Since the origin of fireworks in ancient China to the innovations in pyrotechnics today, there have been some memorable moments in fireworks all over the world. From the Chinese New Year parades featuring dancing dragons breathing smoke and fire (created from fireworks) to huge aerial displays that kick off special events such as the Olympics or Fourth of July festivals, there are so many awesome displays that it is hard to name which are the best fireworks shows around.

However, this doesn’t keep the pros from trying to figure out who has the best fireworks. Every year in Canada, the Montreal Fireworks Festival is host to some of the best fireworks professionals in the world. This premier event of industry experts gather to compete in a team-based showdown where 30-minute displays are planned, assembled and executed on-site for judges and the delight of the audience. Since the inaugural event in 1985, this firework festival has grown into a prestigious world class event that is watched by a huge audience.

If you’d prefer to be a spectator in the crowd and watch bursts in the sky that someone else is shooting off, the best fireworks for you will be at major stadium venues. From rock concerts and sporting events, you can enjoy the entertainment of sparkles lighting up the night sky. While professional pyrotechnicians plan and execute the event, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the best fireworks around such as artillery shells, fountains, cake, cake repeaters and more. Most times, these family-fun shows are also choreographed to music, light shows and more.

If you are more of a hands-on type firework enthusiast, then the best fireworks for you are consumer fireworks found for purchase online or at fireworks stands. From sparklers that you can wave around in the air to firecrackers and Roman candles, there are lots of fun fireworks to pass the time away. There are even some big fireworks to make a bigger blast; 500 gram cakes and 500 gram fountains are the largest consumer fireworks allowable by law. These bad boys are some of the best fireworks for guys who want a real adrenaline rush. Whatever you choose, the best fireworks experiences tend to be those events that follow the manufacturer’s instructions, keep safety tips and mind and are mindful of the local laws and regulations involving fireworks.

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